Anton Moiseev On Software Development

Comparing the Upgrade Process of Dart and TypeScript Apps to Angular 2 beta.0

During the last 6 months I had a chance to work on JavaScript and TypeScript projects. Before this I was working on a Dart project for about a year. Since the April of 2015 my co-author and I have been writing a book on Angular 2, which officially supports APIs for three different languages: JavaScript, TypeScript and Dart. I primarily use TypeScript but occasionally checkout the state of the Angular 2 for Dart.

Eclipse Integration with Hybris Groovy Console

This post explains how to set up Eclipse IDE in order to remotely execute Groovy scripts on the running Hybris instance. The post is based on and develops further the idea of the article eCommerce with Hybris: Debugging Hybris with Beanshell from Eclipse IDE. Make sure you are familiar with the topics explained there before continuing reading this post.

Demystifying Ext JS Managed Event Listeners

In Ext JS there exists the concept of managed event listeners. This topic often confuses Ext JS developers. Official documentation states that managed event listeners are those that "are automatically removed when the Component is destroyed". But what does that mean? Which component is destroyed? How does this differ from unmanaged (ordinary) event listeners? Does it mean one must manually unsubscribe unmanaged event listeners when a component is destroyed? Let’s sort it out.

How and Why use Overrides in Ext JS Framework

Ext JS is a powerful HTML5 framework that allows you to get things done in a robust and maintainable way. It does a great job fulfilling your needs for the client-side development on the web. However, you may sometimes come across non-trivial use-cases, for example, fixing issues within the framework itself. There is no such thing as a perfect framework. Bug happens, but what I like about Ext JS is that if you'll run into a bug, you don't need to wait for the framework creators to schedule, create, test, and release a fix. You can do it yourself, and in this blog I'll talk about an important overriding mechanism that exists in Ext JS.